Interior finish

Interior finishing is a service for customers who need to change interior design, customers who have completed the rough construction but have not finished the interior or customers want to supplement and complete the interior.

We are a unit specializing in providing interior finishing services cheap, interior finishing packages. We always put our customers’ needs first and satisfying those needs is the foundation for the company’s sustainable development, so when providing construction services we always respect the agreement between the two.

To complete the interior, an interior design drawing board is required, which will be designed by the customer or designed by the company. Interior design drawings by the company will be agreed upon in a separate design contract.

Interior finishing service included

  • Complete interior package: Service package for customers who want to renovate, repair old houses, design new interior houses.
  • Finishing furniture for rough, newly built houses or projects with interior design yet.

Supplement, complete the interior with houses that already have furniture but want to add more.

Process of interior finishing

Step 1: Receive customer information

Include the following information:

  • Personal information: Name, phone number, address, …
  • Information about the house: New or old house, house address, area, …
  • Information on construction requirements: Design table (if customers have designed it), requirements in interior design and layout.

Step 2: Construction quotation

Before giving the quotation, the contractor and the customer will agree on the materials and items in the construction based on construction drawing design documents.
We will set up a detailed quotation for each item and send a quote to customers.

Step 3: Sign the construction contract

The contract will include the following main contents:

  • Specific work contents: The tasks, construction items, scope of construction, these contents will be clearly shown in the construction drawing design dossier.
  • Detailed quotation: The construction items, in the contract will have to specify the materials used in each item clearly.
  • Construction period: Depending on factors such as workload, degree of completion, construction conditions or as agreed upon by the two contracting parties. Normally, interior finishing time in construction works is as follows:

Apartment’s interior: 15 – 30 working days.

Interior Villa, lot: 20 – 35 working days.

Office Furniture: 10 – 20 working days.

  • Payment schedule: Contract payment will depend on the agreement between the contractor and the customer, the customer may pay in one time or in installments.
  • Responsibilities of each party: The two sides will agree on the responsibilities of each party so that the construction will take place easily and quickly.
  • Warranty period: For products manufactured by ourselves will be warranted for 24 months and for products manufactured by other units, the warranty period will be based on the manufacturing unit.

Step 4: Conduct construction

We will carry out the construction of the items that have been signed, in accordance with the records of construction design drawings.

Step 5: Hand over the house

Before handing over the house, we will clean the house and hand it over to the customer according to the construction schedule.

Step 6: Warranty

After finishing the furniture and handing it over to customers, during the use process, customers have warranty problems, contact the company directly for warranty on-site.

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