With the motto “Building Longevity” in the relationship with all partners, customers, all employees with the quality of products, services and construction works. We are always ready to accompany customers, partners, employees to develop together and achieve their own values. During 11 years of establishment and development, we have designed and built many housing projects, especially townhouses. Bringing in the traditional enthusiasm and thorough service philosophy is always caring and grateful to customers, we always put product quality first. That is our commitment.

With a team of young, dynamic and creative employees with the help of experts in the field of design and construction, we are always ready to accompany with customers to create leading construction services.



  • Striving to 2022, we become a leading company in the field of design, construction and construction of houses, especially the townhouse segment.
  • Maintaining the current performance as a contractor, modern investors bring their own identity.
  • Become a unit to attract cooperation and investment of domestic and international corporations.
  • Put customer, partner and staff satisfaction first


  • Providing quality, safe, fast and economical construction solutions and services.
  • We always put customer satisfaction first, so our success will be judged based on the level of customer satisfaction. And it is indispensable to ensure the quality of thoughtful and reliable service.
  • Building a professional, dynamic working environment, promoting creativity in order to bring into full play the working capacity of employees and attract talents.

Core values

  • Trust: During 11 years of development, we always consider the trust of our customers as a valuable reward for us. With the characteristic of the construction industry that the value of products is verified over time, reliability has become one of our top criteria.
  • Commitment: Commitment to service quality, to comply with the commitment is always the way we create trust for customers and also create reputation for businesses.
  • Transparency: Our transparency values ​​are not only reflected in the purity and honesty in financial management, business activities but also in sales contracts through detailed material price lists, test records.
  • Attentive: With professional working style, we always focus on service quality. The principle of attentive service is always adhered to in the employees’ mind and become a guideline for all activities.
  • Safety: Put safety first, especially labor safety. Provide a safe workplace for stakeholders, neighborhoods, community responsibility and environmental protection.
  • Respect: Respect the law, the community, customers, partners and their employees.