Permission Building Services

Introduce our Building Permit Service

Construction permit is a legal document granted by a competent agency before starting a construction of a project, there are 3 types of construction permit:

  • new construction permit,
  • repair – renovation
  • license permit for relocation of works.

If you are having trouble getting a building permit, or you want to build a house but haven’t asked for a building permit for your own housing project?

Come to us and we will provide you with a license service. built with the most optimal time and cost.

The process of providing a service for a new house

Receive documents and advise on solutions for construction permits for customers.

Exact survey of the ground to assess the status of the records.

Copy records Apply for construction permits for customers.

The time for granting a new construction permit to urban houses is 21 working days from the date the licensing agency receives complete and valid dossiers.

Why should you choose to use our construction permit service?

In accordance with state regulations, a set of dossiers of application for a construction permit must contain a design drawing designed by a design unit with design functions and a design architect with a design practice certificate.

Therefore, you can not design your own drawings.Also, in the process of applying for construction permits, you will spend a lot of time waiting and time to review and adjust the drawing. It takes a lot of effort and turns, losing your valuable time.

In addition, during the process of applying for a construction permit, there may be other complex problems that need to be handled such as:

  • The actual area of the house is not consistent with the book.
  • conditions with the adjoining house.
  • The house does not have a drawing of the current status quo, the house is in the wrong state. …

Meanwhile, when coming to our construction permit application service, you will be assisted to solve these problems quickly by:

Team of architects, engineers with experience in designing with With a full range of design practice certificates, it is possible to create complete, compliant design documents.With a wealth of experience in the field of construction, and a reputable market, we will get a license on your behalf. permission quickly.

This ensures speeding up the construction process, saving you time and money.

In order to create conditions in making dossiers of application for house construction permits quickly and efficiently. Please note that we need to prepare the following documents for us:

  • A notarized copy of the certificate of use (including pink book, red book) is still valid for 6 months.
  • Map of the house and drawings of the current state of the house.
  • A copy of the notice of the registration fee of the house and land.

We provide full package construction permit services to customers

  • Drawings applying for construction permits (including types of ground drawings, vertical drawings, electricity and water drawings, current drawings, basement construction measures drawings, fire prevention and fighting drawings …).
  • Current state drawings (if any).
  • Service for construction permit.
  • Construction permit application fee.
  • Some other costs. Application for construction permit,

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