Neutral color carpets are colors that are not too bright as light blue, bright yellow, milky white, nude … Some customers wonder when to buy this carpet because they think the carpet is easy to get dirty and not Highlights.


But in fact this is not entirely true. If you say that the carpets are easy to get dirty, this is usually true for low-cost carpets such as products made in China, and for high-end carpets, manufactured by the company. Modern technology such as Turkish carpet, carpet fibers are formed together according to the principle of symmetry to create certainty and easier to clean than similar products.

There are two ways for you to choose the most beautiful carpet with a room:

The carpet is the same color as the main color in the room. This helps your room to be in perfect harmony with each other, does not make a difference and this interior trend is also easy in decorating the room.

Next is the striking carpet color selection, which is in contrast to the main color of the room. This option helps make your room dining impressive and create the personality of the host. But choosing floor carpets in this trend requires homeowners or architects to have high aesthetic eyes, accurate color scheme so as not to make a difference in their room.

Use rugs or carpets

Currently, neutral color carpets are also quite diverse in size from large roll carpets, large carpets or rugs with rectangles, umbrellas … What size carpet should you choose based on the area If your room tends to have a small carpet area and there is a connection between rooms, you should choose carpet or sheet with different shapes to create accents for the room. .

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