There are small apartments, but when you step in, you feel very comfortable and comfortable; But there are also spacious houses, but you don’t want to linger for too long because you feel cramped, stuffy or too cold. That feeling comes from the energy levels in those living spaces, and they are reflected in your senses. obtained from his senses. From there, you will choose the most appropriate and effective way to decorate and take care of your home. Because if you keep hesitating, you will get used to your eyes and see they become normal; But actually, they do not bring good energy in your living space, and you will hardly be comfortable, relaxed.

There are many types of pictures you can choose to beautify and energize your living space, but don’t forget to hang pictures of your family or loved ones. These images will arouse in you feelings of love, closeness …, avoid feeling lonely, lonely when you have to be home alone. Choose photos that capture the best moments of the people you love, and also keep up to date with new ones.

Don’t force yourself to hear unpleasant sounds. A single faucet in the house is leaking, change it immediately; or the glass door blown by the wind makes noises, deal with it now …

Your house or apartment also needs to “breathe” fresh air. Too much furniture, or disorder, dirt will stagnate the harmful energy for your living space, and you are the one who must breathe that atmosphere. Take a few deep breaths, if you feel refreshed, your living space is full of good energy; conversely, arrange, clean, wash everything for cleanliness.

Why endure unpleasant odors right in your home? If using a gas stove, make sure the gas does not leak. If the toilet has a slight odor, clean it with disinfectant. If the shoe closet smells, clean them … And it’s best to do these regularly before they contaminate your living space.

If you go barefoot in the house and notice your feet or dust, cleaning the house and cleaning carpets should be undone. Sometimes, someone in your home is healthy but sneezing is also one of the warning signs that the air in your house is not fresh, clean …, clean it right away.

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